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Solid Steel Felt Lined Rifle, Shotgun & Muzzle Loader Wall Hooks

Free Shipping on orders over $50

Made in USA

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Click a Product to Customize Color, Shell Casing Caliber, and Screw Type.

NOTE: The manufacturer of the brass in your set may vary, but each pair will have matching brass.

All of our Brackets are Matte Black in color unless otherwise specified.

Free USA Shipping on orders above $50

We are the manufacturer of VERDICT BRACKETS. We do our best to make sure you can get the lowest price by buying direct from us.  We sell on Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, and other outlets, so feel free to compare our prices!  You will get the same quality gun hooks no matter where you purchase as long as they are authentic VERDICT BRACKETS.  Most orders are processed and shipped within 48 hours and all orders currently include FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $50 in the USA!


Our BEST SELLER is the "Standard"



  • Made of 1/8" by 3/4" Steel

  • Wider, Taller, and Stronger than other Brackets

  • Deep Countersunk Screw Holes Protects your firearm from being scratched by screws.

  • Industrial Grade Felt Lining (NOT Rubber or Foam)

  • Individually Bead Blasted for a Smooth Deburred Finish

  • Hand Made in the USA.

  • And Lastly, PRICE...

  • FREE SHIPPING on all orders above $50 in the USA

  • For once, get what you paid for!



Making one more Gun hook...One at a Time!

  • I had a unique situation wanting to mount an 18th century musket on a narrow strip of barnwood. Wade used my dimensions and his experience to custom make a set of hangers that I could use.  They fit perfectly,  The color and texture was a natural match for the weathered wood.  The musket ball on the tip of the hangers was such a cool touch.


  • I helped hang this Muzzle Loader and was impressed with the brackets and especially the musket ball on each. Nice touch. Great craftsmanship.

  •  Great brackets for an old muzzleloader.  Custom bullet and coloring fit with the decor.  If I had more firearms, I'd definitely contact them again. 

  • R. Rose - Canton, OH 

  • Awesome brackets.  Definitely worth the money, and it shows that they were hand made, not just stamped out of a machine in Bangladesh or something.  Bo Scott, Yorktown, VA  


  • Attractive, well made and the brass casing embellishment is a nice touch I did not find with other brackets.  
    B. Henley-Atlanta, Ga.  B. Henley 

  • Worked perfectly, I was concerned a bit as I was hanging a 12 gauge side by side, but it worked perfect, thanks again! 



  • "Down home" purchasing experience. Handwritten note included urging me to contact the seeker with any questions. Two sets of screws included (brass and black). Product even nicer looking in person.  Sara 


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