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Low Profile Brackets (Set of 2) are Identical to our Standard Hooks except they are approximately 1.5 Inches Shorter


1. Select your finish color of either Matte Black or Rustic

2. Select what caliber shell casing you would like, or leave blank for none

3. Select your screw color.  Black screws are included w/ all orders, but you can add Brass Screws to your order.


We have had many customer requests for a Shorter Hook to fit in tight spaces, and also to be less obtrusive when displaying a firearm.  By shortening the Hook, it allows more flexibility when mounting firearms above doorways, or when mounting above one another. Currently, even though there is less steel in these hooks, we have to reset several jigs in our shop to produce these, so they do cost a little more, and take a little longer to ship.  If they are in black finish, expect them to ship within 5 business days of your order.  If they are in Rustic Finish, expect about 10 business days to ship.  

Low Profile


Volume Discount

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