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Why Choose a Gun Hook?

There are many styles of Firearm Brackets on market today and I must say, many of them are very nice indeed.  However, the simplest way to hang a firearm, whether it be on display in your living room or behind your headboard for home security, is a gun hook.  They are sturdy and easy to mount. The Shape and Size fits almost any Rifle or Shotgun, and last but not least, they are very affordable.  


I may be kinda old school, but I love simple things that don't break and last a lifetime!  

VERDICT BRACKETS Muzzle Loader Hooks Hangers
Why Choose a VERDICT Brand Hook?

1. Cost Effective Simple Design and Easily Mounted anywhere.

2. Solid 1/8" by 3/4" Inch Steel

3. Countersinking on All Screw Holes. (No screws scratching the gun)

4. Industrial Grade Felt Lining for Firearm Protection

5. Completely Deburred and Bead Blasted before Painting

6. Solid and Functional Design that accomodates most Long Guns.

7. Hand Made in South Georgia, USA

8. Can Support up to 25 lbs with ease if properly mounted.

So, Whats the the big deal?

The fact is, when a gun rack is designed, it needs to fit the gun.  We can't modify our gun to fit the rack can we? Of course not! Gun Hooks allow you the flexibility to mount almost any gun so that it is level, centered, and looks like a pro installed it.  Gun hooks can be mounted at any width not only to make sure the gun rests on the hook in the best location, but also to assure it fits large or small firearms properly. The height can be staggered perfectly so that your gun is level. There's just no better solution, especially if you are mounting more than one firearm above one another.  Take a peek at the photos on the right to see the difference. Notice that even though the wooden rack is level in the bottom photo, the guns are all out of whack. On the top are two COMPLETELY different firearms, and they look as if they were made to be paired together with a gun hook installation.  There are some other reasons for you controlling the vertical spacing as you mount your firearms. The top photo does give a clue.

Measure your Firearm to be sure of a good fit.

NOTE: This hook will NOT fit around a Picatinny Rail, but will fit around the gas block or barrel just fine.

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