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Standard Heavy Duty Hooks (Set of 2)


1. Select your finish color of either Matte Black or Rustic (Rustic can take 10 Business Days to ship)

2. Select what caliber shell casing you would like, or leave blank for none

3. Select your screw color.  Black screws are included w/ all orders, but you can add Brass Screws to your order.


Our Standard Hook is a simple cost effective way to mount almost any Rifle, Shotgun, or Muzzle Loader.  They will fit guns as large as 12 Gauge "side by side" double barrels.  They come with the highest quality felt we can get our hands on, and are made to last a lifetime.  The inner diameter of these is approximately  2 1/8 inches between the felt padding. Properly mounted, these hooks can easily hold 50 lbs each.


If they are in black finish, expect them to ship within 3-6 business days of your order.  If they are in Rustic Finish, expect about 10-14 business days to ship. 


Rustics are made to order and take a certain amount of time to develop the finish...please be patient.  They normally ship within 10 Business days, but sometimes a few more depending on demand.

Standard Size Hangers


Volume Discount

Color of Brackets
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