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How to Hang a Rifle on a Fireplace Mantel

One of the special products VERDICT BRACKETS created is the Fireplace Hanger Kit. This kit makes hanging a rifle, shotgun or musket under the Mantel a 15 or 20 minute task. The kit comes with all the hardware needed to mount most any long gun under the Mantepiece. The kit is fully adjustable so that almost any rifle can be hung level with ease! Designed to hang about 7" below the mantel depending on the firearm characteristics and user preference. Each side has approximately 4" of adjustment in 1/2" increments allowing for fine tuning the height of each side of the firearm. For most DIY folks, this kit can be mounted in less than 20 minutes into a wood mantel. The mantel is recommended to be at least 3" deep for a proper fit.

Please note, all of our products are made by hand. We have sold over 500 of these kits in the past 6 years. However, we only manufacture them once a week due to the necessary setup of tooling to make these. As of the creation of this blog, we have never had a kit returned for any reason. We offer many calibers of shell casings that can be mounted in this kit, but if we do not show the particular casing, you are more than welcome to ship us the fired brass, and we will mount it for you. Currently, there is no added charge to do this, but you will incorporate the shipping charge to ship the brass to us, and we require 4 pieces of brass...just in case we make a happens from time to time. If you have further questions, feel free to call Wade at 404-433-6764.

Included in Kit:

  1. Mounting screws

  2. 2 L Shaped Hangers

  3. 2 Felt Lined Gun Cradle Hooks

  4. 4 Screw and Nut Fasteners for Cradle Hooks

  5. Steel is 3/4" wide and 1/8" thick

Things to Note:

  1. Cradles are 2 1/8" wide (Accomodates 12 GA Side by Side Double Barrels and Thinner firearms such as Lever Actions, Muskets, Muzzleloaders, etc.

  2. Mantel should be made of Wood for mounting screws to work. (Marble, Stone and other materials are going to need special skills and hardware to mount, which we do not recommend or support.)

  3. If the Mantel has supporting framework or beams, be sure your firearm will fit between them, or underneath them.

  4. Verdict Brackets does not take any responsibility for you heat damage to your firearm. Please use common sense!

  5. Do not hang a loaded Firearm. Make sure your Firearm is UNLOADED.

  6. Properly mounted, this kit will support 25 lbs with ease.

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