NOTE: The price is for 1 Bracket, not a set of 2!


Currently we only sell these in RUSTIC FINISH.


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7.25 inch wall base (the part that attaches to wall), with a 5 1/8 inch shelf rest (the part the shelf sits on). Two countersunk holes in base and shelf.  12 GA shell casing mounted in wall base.  Rustic Finish.  


Custom Made Shelf Brackets in Rustic Finish (Rustic 12 GA pictured).  Brass Casing Inserts are available in almost any name it, if I don't have it, I will find it, or you can ship it to me.  Made from 1" by 3/16" Steel.  This is Rugged Steel!

The pictured photo has 2 mounts....So please, order 2 if you want 2 brackets...


These are not sold in sets.


Also, understand, if you are hanging 3 shelfs that need mounts, order them at the same time, as the RUSTIC FINISH is totally unpredictable as to color matching, unless you order at the same time. 



The Rustic Finish is made in a time consuming process that allows weather, temperature, and various other factors to influence the end result.  If you are planning on matching brackets, they should be ordered at the same they are weathered at the same time.  I will make your order of 3 or 22, at exactly the same time, so that they will match.  If seperate orders are made, the consistancy can not be guaranteed in color or finish. 


Understand, these are hand made, and take several (10-15) days to manufacture in Rustic Finish. 


Quality and Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed!  If you are not satisfied in any way, ship them back for a full refund of your original purchase price!


These can also be felt lined if needed, per your specifications.  Simply call 404-433-6764 to talk with me if you have something special you want me to make. 

If you need smaller or larger, please call or text Wade: 404-433-6764

Custom Shelf Brackets

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