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God Bless America

Hand made in the USA

Solid Steel

Old School Quality

 Felt lined

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Free USA Shipping on orders over $50


We are running at HIGH capacity  Please be patient. New orders are currently taking about 3-7 days Minimum to ship.

45 Long Colt Rustic Rifle Hangers by VERDICT BRACKETS

Rustic 45 Long Colt Standard Size Hooks

Also Available in Low Profile Size

Heavy Duty Rifle Hanger by VERDICT BRACKETS

Rustic Standard Size Hooks

Also Available in Low Profile Size

Low Profile Rifle Hooks VERDICT BRACKETS

Low Profile Rifle Hangers.

We need the Following Brass. Call 404-433-6764 if you would like to sell or trade (For Inventory) your Fired Shell casings:

45-70 Govt

45 Long Colt

30-30 Win


44-40 WCF

Low Profile Muzzle Loader VERDICT BRACKETS
VERDICT BRACKETS Muzzle Loader Hooks

Rustic Muzzle Loader Hooks in Standard Size - Also Available in Low Profile Size

"Simple and Easy to install. We provide the screws! Hangem' almost anywhere!"


 Standard Size Bracket Diagram

(Click to Zoom In)


Standard Hooks Fit Almost Anything!

Fireplace Rifle Hangers

Fireplace Mantel Hangers

AR 5.56 firearm display hooks by VERDICT BRACKTS

AR 5.56 / .223 Hangers


If you have ANY questions...

I have never hung a gun before... How do I do it?

Will it fit my firearm?

How big are the Hooks?

Do the Screws you provide work for my situation?

Can you make something special for me?


Our job is to answer your questions.

 Text us (best) or call us (We work in a noisy environment and might not hear your call) at

404-433-6764. Located in Thomas County, GA United States.

We are here and ready to answer any question you have.  8 AM - 8 PM Eastern Time.

Jesus Christ Saves-We do our best to represent Godly Values and Ethics

VERDICT BRACKETS makes custom hand made gun rack hooks, rifle brackets, shotgun hangers & mounts.  They are designed for horizontal wall mounting and display of long guns.


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